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Grinding Back into Action October 12, 2009

Posted by Paul Williams in Uncategorized.

Not too rusty - I think I can remember how this works...


Right, so let’s get some information coming your way again with a quick roundup of what’s happening in Peirson at the moment. It’s been a busy old summer, and an even busier September, so there’s a lot to cover. Seatbelt on, and engage first gear.


First up, let’s look at the foyer. There’s a new group presentation area in there which I think most of you have already found. Let’s just say it’s been very popular so far, and I think will continue that way. The idea is that you can work together to create joint pieces of work using a rather fetching wall-mounted screen. Ask at the Info Point if you’re not sure where it is, but otherwise it’s on a first come first served basis, so if it’s free drop on the sofa and log in.


We’ve quite clearly moved the IT Point from the journals area to the foyer, and I think this is an excellent move. So, if you need help with access to the network, printers or copiers, or anything else (within our charter!), approach the behemoth which is our beutiful new IT Point.


PCs – we’ve designated a bank of PCs in the foyer as priority use for visually impaired students. These PCs, right next to the IT Point, can be kept in a standard position and configuration, and also provide the perfect place for our staff to provide support. They’re also loaded up with specialist hardware and software to allow for the best access. So, if you’re asked to move to another PC to allow a visually-impaired user to use the kit, we really appreciate your cooperation.


One more for the foyer, there are still some pieces being added here. Our change machine has now arrived so we’re just working on the process for getting it replenished regularly, and it will then be up and running. The coffee machine (real beans I’m told) is on it’s way, there’s a snack machine already out there, and the Worcester Archaeological Society collection is being rehoused in some new cabinets upstairs. It’s a bit like a game of chess at the moment to get all of the foyer to the places where we need them, but things are now coming together nicely. Of course, what you’re interested in is the level of support you get and the access to our resources, and these things are still top of our agenda and being delivered to at least the same standard as last year.


So, this is getting quite long. I’ll post some more tomorrow, perhaps starting with an update on the evening and weekend services this year, and then our printers and copiers!



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