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Flickr: The National Archives UK’s Photostream April 1, 2010

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“Carriers crossing a river on the seaboard. Appolonia.”The photograph was taken on the coast of what is now Ghana.

The National Archives, Cat. Ref.: CO 1069/34 part 2, 49 (1)

Phil Bradley puts it best:

“If you’re looking for some interesting historical documents, 19th/20th century photographs, artwork or illuminations, you would do worse than visit the Flickr: The National Archives UK’s Photostream. It currently has just a shade over 200 images, but there are no known copyright restrictions on them, so you can use them however you’d like to.”

Bradley, P. (March 30, 2010) Phil Bradley’s weblog. [Online]. Available from http://philbradley.typepad.com/phil_bradleys_weblog/2010/03/flickr-the-national-archives-uks-photostream.html?cid=6a00d8345223b869e20133ec598770970b. [Accessed April 1, 2010. GMT+1 08:40].

Please note: It’s always good form to attribute/reference your sources properly though, so  when using the images – as we’ve done above – please credit ‘The National Archives’ and include the catalogue reference of the item to allow others to access the original image or document.


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