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Meet the team September 20, 2010

Posted by Alison Taylor in All categories.


“I have an assignment to do and I don’t know where to look and I went on Google but I just found a load of rubbish and I don’t know what books there are for my course and my tutor says I have to use academic journals and I don’t know where the databases are and what are keywords anyway and why aren’t I getting any results and where on earth do I find the full-text and what is all this referencing nonsense and…”

And breathe. Breathe deeply. It’s OK. You have three years to do a degree. You are not expected to know how to do everything straight away. It takes time to learn the skills needed to complete assignments successfully. You need a range of skills that you will build up over time. Skills like finding the right information to complete your assignment. Skills like choosing the right database, picking good keywords, locating decent books and articles, sorting the good stuff from the dross, referencing. And you’ll need help to do all this.

Who’s going to help you? The Library, that’s who! Stuck? Can’t find something? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know when to stop? Then ask someone. Email us (askalibrarian@worc.ac.uk), or ask at the Enquiry Point in the library. Our fabulous ILS Advisors will do their very best to help you out, and if your question needs more time they’ll summon up a Librarian or help you make an appointment. Just ask.

(please note: appearance of actual librarians may differ from illustration. A bit.)

Picture by Morinoko on Flickr.


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