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Short of ideas? October 25, 2010

Posted by Alison Taylor in All categories.

JSTOR. What is JSTOR? Trust me, if you are studying archaeology, art, drama, English, film, history, politics or sociology you need JSTOR in your life. You need it like you need oxygen.

JSTOR contains full-text journals, always from volume one, issue one, until about 3-5 years ago in the subjects listed above. You can search for articles on the topics you need for your assignments and fill your head with knowledge from a wide range of full-text articles. Then you can stuff your assignments with lots of glorious, relevant references to peer-reviewed, quality articles and get an A+. That’s the theory anyway. Of course you could just go on Google and cut and paste chunks of the first few things you see but then you might get any old rubbish. The library has bought JSTOR for you to use because it has 278 high quality journals, chosen specifically for arts and humanities students. It won’t write your essay for you but it will give you plenty to comment on!

Find JSTOR by clicking on the E-Resources button on Resources Online.


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