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Solutions to Error Message when accessing Get It content with IE October 26, 2010

Posted by Darren in Get It.

We have logged a small number of our users – trying to access resources using the Get It service from a location off-campus – who are seeing the following error message:

“Licensing agreements for these databases require that access be extended only to authorized users. Once you have been validated by this system, a “cookie” is sent to your browser as an ongoing indication of your authorization to access these databases. This cookie only needs to be set once during login.
If you are using a firewall or network privacy program, you may need reconfigure it to allow cookies to be set from this server.
As you access databases, they may also use cookies. Your ability to use those databases may depend on whether or not you allow those cookies to be set.”

This problem only occurs when using Internet Explorer, not when using other browsers (such as Firefox or Chrome) – and only when using IE off-campus.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. If you have easy access to another browser (e.g. Firefox/ Chrome, both free downloads) please access using that in preference to IE. No-one using browsers other than IE has experienced any further problems.
  2. Alternatively, if you want to continue to use IE:
  • Select Tools, Internet Options, Privacy tab.
  • Set Privacy Settings to Low or Accept All Cookies,

Try the process again. Once the cookie is saved in the browser, you get access to the content and  you can then return the security level to the original setting (typically Medium).

If you continue to experience problems: please contact us via mailto:askalibrarian@worc.ac.uk or the “report a problem” links.



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