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Save money for Christmas! December 7, 2010

Posted by Alison Taylor in All categories.


Times are tight, students are hard up and Christmas is looming. I’m guessing that you have better things to spend money on than library fines. Like food.

The library isn’t here to make a profit. Fines don’t go towards the Christmas party! We put fines on books so that people are encouraged bring back the ones they’ve finished with and someone else can have a read. We need to keep tabs on where all our books are and make sure they are available when people need them. We know you’re students, times are hard and we try to keep fines reasonable.

The good news? You can avoid library fines. Easily. By renewing your books. The easiest and quickest way to renew is online. Just log in to you university account and select Resources Online. You’ll see a button which says Renew my Books. Click it, and follow the instructions. Renew on or before the date the books are due and you won’t be fined. You can also renew from the self-issue machines in Peirson. Just scan your card and press renew. If you need more help, you can call the Information Point in the library and have someone renew your books over the phone: (01905) 855341.

That’s it. As long as no one else has requested a book you have, you can keep it for another two weeks. And then renew again. You can renew 99 times. Great if you’re a really slow reader 😉

Quick note: You won’t be able to renew a book that has been requested by another user. You’ll need to return it to the library and share nicely. And restricted loan books can only be renewed once at a self-issue machine. After that they need to be available for someone else to borrow. It isn’t possible to renew restricted loan books online or by phone. Sorry. And if you have managed to run up a fine of more than £10 you won’t be able to renew on the self-issue machines although you can still renew online. That is all.



1. Su - December 7, 2010

Can I just add that any Inter Library Loans cannot be renewed via your library account or the machines. They can be renewed by completing the yellow bookmark that is issued with the book, and returning this to the Information Point. If you are off-campus, please ring 01905-855342 or email ill@worc.ac.uk

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