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E-learning Mobile Technologies January 5, 2011

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Here at ILS, we like nothing more than to give you new and exciting ways to access what you need for your studies (yeah, we’re sad like that). Over the past year, we have been looking into the possibilities of using mobile technologies, particularly for students.

We’re asking you to do a quick poll, just one question, to help us inform our mobile development in the coming year

Complete the quick survey here.


1. Jim - January 6, 2011

There’s an app for that!
I’ve not used it myself but I believe you can download a BlueSocket Authenticator app which will automatically log you in to the wireless

2. Andrew - January 6, 2011

Thanks for the feedback…I’ll pass this onto the Mobile Development guys!

3. Andrew Robinson - January 6, 2011

The university wi-fi is almost unusable for people with iPhones. Every other wi-fi network remembers log in details after the first use, but the uni requires entering username and password every time, which is so time consuming, fiddly to type and unreliable on the phone that most people just give up.

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