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Looking for something? February 2, 2011

Posted by Alison Taylor in All categories.

magnifying glass

Look, the internet is big. Current estimates say there are well over a trillion web addresses in existence. That’s more than 150 for every living person. Spend one minute reading every web page non-stop and you’d have to live for another 31,000 years. So it’s probably best you don’t try and do that. You have to eat. And sleep.*

Scarier still, the internet is growing. Those already online spew out web pages at an alarming rate. But bear in mind that less than a quarter of the world currently has access to the internet. Wait until the rest of them get online and start churning stuff out!

It’s semester 2 now, the work’s going to pile in and you need to start searching efficiently. That’s where the Internet Detective can help. This site provides a tutorial on how to find the good stuff on the web, quickly. Google and other search engines are all well and good but they can’t guide you to sites that are appropriate for academic study. If you want good marks you need to get your information from reliable sources. Simples. Visit Internet Detective and learn some quick and easy ways to find decent web sites. It’s that, or you spend the next 31,000 years scanning through the web yourself. You choose.

*Figures from www.news.com.au


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