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Is coffee your daily grind? March 21, 2011

Posted by Andrew in All categories.

Last week, A new coffee machine was installed by Catering in the Peirson Library to provide high quality vending for staff and students.

After a few online conversations, We promised to give you the chance to have your say and we’ll pass your comment onto Catering.

Fill out the quick survey at http://svy.mk/eHJLyq and leave us a comment below or on Facebook.

A new coffee machine has been installed by Catering (make sure it’s clear that we didn’t install it)in the Peirson Library to provide high quality vending


1. anonymous - April 1, 2011

What the university has to do is change the logo and make it look academic! e.g. worcestershire logo

2. Gemma Wisdom - March 29, 2011

to Jackie and Sian…Ladies your very welcome to it. Of course it would make absolute sense that the Garage would be the recipients of this rather oversized and over priced machine , although ladies I would recommend that the Uni’s contractors send you a reasonable priced coffee machine to save your legs from walking. We all know that happy students not only produce top quality work, but also invest their fee’s and time as opposed to voting with their feet!

3. Jackie Carey - March 24, 2011

What Sian said! It seems very unfair that a machine is installed in the Library, a stonesthrow from Costa, the SU, the other coffee bar and the two coffee machines in the canteen. When at The Garage your only option at present is Tap Water. (There is a coke machine but it has been empty for a month). And I can’t walk to the shop or MacDonalds or the main campus as I’m disabled.

4. Sian Davis - March 24, 2011

What about a coffee vending machine at The Garage. We’re parched down there!
And a food vending machine would be good too. Its take 15 mins to walk to the shop and back if you want a snack!

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