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Problems accessing Resources Online or Library Catalogue? August 2, 2011

Posted by Darren in All categories.

Student app portal

Hi all – following the switchover of the student network, a few of you are reporting that you’re having problems accessing Resources Online or it’s soon-to-be replacement, the preview version of the new Library Catalogue. If you are having problems, here are some tips:

  1. Please bear in mind that your login to the new student portal should be automatically logging you into both Resources Online and the new Library Catalogue. The auto-login process into both of these takes just a moment. If you’re seeing a message prompting you for a PIN, check that the id and PIN boxes have been auto-completed for you by the login process. You may just need to help your web browser along by clicking the login button if requested (Chrome and some versions of Firefox may especially need a helping hand here). *You should never need to know your PIN as it should be being input for you by a new network process.*
  2. Always navigate to Resources Online or Library Catalogue by starting at the University homepage www.worc.ac.uk or the student homepage students.worc.ac.uk. Don’t use any old bookmarks or saved addresses, start your navigation afresh at one of these two web addresses.
  3. If you’re seeing a message on Resources Online telling you that “your membership for this year has expired”,  just follow the instructions.
  4. The new login process now takes you to your library account page, not the main search page. Click on the ‘Search’ tab in Resources Online or ‘Catalogue Home’ in the new Library Catalogue if you want to use any of the search functions or resources links.
  5. Still having problems? There may be a corrupt copy of the page in your browser cache. Clear out your recent browsing history including cookies, and step through these tips again.

If you’re still experiencing problems, drop us an e-mail at askalibrarian@worc.ac.uk or direct to me at d.taylor@worc.ac.uk. Please let us know the following:

  • Your name and student number.
  • How you are navigating to us (see tip 2. above).
  • Whether you’re selecting ‘Resources Online’ or ‘Library Catalogue’ from the student app portal.
  • What error message you’re seeing (please attach a screenshot if possible).
  • What browser and which version you’re using (for example “Internet Explorer 7”).


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