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National Libraries Day February 3, 2012

Posted by Jess in All categories.

Hello everyone

It’s National Libraries Day tomorrow (Feb 4th) and we’re hoping you’ll use it as a good excuse to get the most out of ILS. If you haven’t already then get caught up on the latest services that we offer to all of our students – Summon and the new library catalogue are great ways to get you started on any of your assignments,  as well as our extensive print collection, the material available to you on Blackboard, your Academic Liaison Librarian, inter-library requests and 24/7 access to name a few of the services that we offer you. And don’t forget that we’re always happy to hear what you’re thinking, as its your ILS too, and to keep up on the latest goings-on in ILS follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, go to the official ILS website or come and see us in person.

And for final year students:

To celebrate National Libraries Day we’ve got some leaflets in ILS (you can find them in the Peirson foyer as well as at Riverside and City Campus) titled ‘Final Year Students Guide: Are you getting the most out of your learning resources?’ – if you pick one of these up, as well as having loads of useful information on getting the most out of ILS in your final year, you’ll also find a buy one get one free voucher on Independent Study Binding and, with the same voucher, you’re entitled to a free Harvard Referencing Guide. In your guide will be loads of information on your Academic Liaison Librarian, specialised resources, online material, PC access, 24/7 access, study spaces, Inter-Library requests and storage space. We realise that as final year students you’re stressed enough without having to worry about the little things, so we’re doing that for you – you’ve got all the support you could need in ILS, and if you think something’s missing then all you have to do is say.

Thanks – and Happy National Libraries Day to everyone for tomorrow!


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