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Looking for more storage space? February 23, 2012

Posted by Jess in All categories.

Remember that we recently upgraded systems so you now have access to a 25GB SkyDrive to store your files and a 10GB Outlook mailbox for your emails.

Your SkyDrive means that you can store files privately online so you don’t have to worry about dropping your usb stick in a puddle or panicking if your laptop packs in. This also means you’re able to share your files with friends more easily.

Don’t forget to back up all of your files – as we don’t want you losing all of your hard work, so keep it saved in a couple of places!

Check out this handy link to our SkyDrive tutorial or for more info on your Student Email Account.

And for final year students, who probably need the most storage space this year, we’ve still got plenty of Final Year Students Guides left – which has lots of helpful information and handy tips for getting the most out of ILS, as well as your buy 1 get 1 free voucher for Independent Study Binding & a free Referencing Guide. If you’re near Peirson there’s a stack on the Information Desk, or if you’re in Riverside or City there’s also some scattered around the entrances.



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