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You need to start thinking about reserving books… October 15, 2013

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It’s the time of year where everyone’s busy gathering books for their studies and new students are familiarising themselves with library services at the University. The Hive, like all libraries, can’t have a copy of every book for every student so remember to use our reservation to get the book you want.

• Things to remember about reservations:
o You can only reserve 5 items at one time. Once you’ve reached your limit of 5 the record for each book will say it’s “not reservable” until you’ve borrowed or cancelled one of your reserved books.
o Reserved items will be held on the reserved shelf for 7 days for you to collect.
o 3 week loan books which are on the shelf can be reserved, but if you see that the book you want is available it’s best to come in and get it straight away.
o University High Demand books (2 week loan books with blue stickers) can’t be reserved if a copy is available in The Hive. Come down and pick it up, only once they are all on loan, will you be able to reserve one.
o University Short Loan books are not reservable.
o If you reserve a 3 week loan item you’ll have the option of collecting the book from a County Library within Worcestershire.
o All messages about your reservations will be sent to your UW email address.
o Other students may have reserved the same book as you so you could be in a queue.
o Remember that other students will be able to reserve items you’ve got on loan so please return those by the due date.



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