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Are you a WBS student? Get reading online with these new ebooks available through ‘Library Search’ November 4, 2014

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These are just a sample of the thousands of Library ebooks specifically selected for student modules & available through ‘Library Search’. These recently purchased ebooks below are for WBS modules:

  1. Roach, L., Card, R. & Ghandhi, J. (2012) Card & James’ business law for business, accounting, & finance students 
  2. Watson, T. & Noble, P. (2014) Evaluating public relations: a guide to planning, research and measurement 
  3. Farlow, A. (2013) Crash and beyond: causes and consequences of the Global Financial Crisis 
  4. Gollan, P. (2014) Voice and involvement at work: experience with non-union representation 
  5. Buckley, A. (2012) International finance: a practical perspective
  6. Charlesworth, A. (2014) Digital marketing: a practical approach 
  7. Weetman, P. (2013) Financial and management accounting: an introduction 
  8. Brown, E. (2014) Web development with Node and Express 
  9. Bott, F. (2014) Professional issues in information technology 
  10. Moffett, Jack (2014) Bridging UX and web development: better results through team integration 
  11. Mendoza, Adrian (2014) Mobile user experience: patterns to make sense of it all 
  12. Wellman, D. (2013) jQuery hotshot

If you have any questions regarding ebooks email askalibrarian@worc.ac.uk or your Academic Liaison Librarian.



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